Human Face of Big Data

This project aims to build a map-based platform that can be used in presenting historical documents of the nation-wide, urban renewal project in 1960's and 70's to provide easy-to-use interfaces that can be used by former residents, archivists, researchers, and citizens; and ultimately to reconstruct a virtual neighborhood where people can share their memories. This project is three-fold: (1) exploring map-based techniques to archive and visualize historical data, (2) providing structured data by integrating various kinds of databases and navigation tools, and (3) studying value-sensitive design for historically sensitive data platforms in the context of local communities and social justice. For the map-based techniques, we are currently developing digitizing processes using QGIS, ArcGIS, and other geographical/graphical tools to better present old maps and associated information on the online map. Also, user-centered UI design methods are used to develop the user-friendly interfaces.

Currently, I am leading a group of undergraduate and graduate students at the iSchool to curate the documents and to design and prototype a map-based system. This work was presented at the MARAC conference (Fall 2016) and the Digital Curation and the Local Community workshop (Spring 2017).