MapReduce Framework for Swarm Robot Systems

This was a part of research projects conducted under the Basic Research Laboratory Grant from Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in South Korea. This project is two folds: (1) simulating an application of swarm robot systems; (2) designing a software framework for the swarm robot systems to reduce the complexity of developing applications while minimizing the amount of transmitted data by adopting MapReduce paradigm. The video above is a simulation of a swarm robot system application that searches for red pillars (foraging). The purpose of the swarm robot system was to enhance the surveillance performance of robots and to maintain the high intelligence/coverage while reducing the cost of each unit. Webot simulator was used to develop the system (written in C++). The second part of the project (designing a software framework) was fulfilled for my master's thesis. The external link is a link to the master's thesis (written in Korean). 

Thesis Committee: Dr. Seongsoo Hong (Dept. of EE, SNU), Dr. Jung Ho Ahn (Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, SNU), Dr. Jongwon Kim (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, SNU)

Master of Science in Software Engineering Thesis, The Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, Seoul National University
Myeong Lee