"What Makes a Place More Familiar?": Implications of Geospatial Information Format and Content

This project was originally initiated as a class project from INST 741 (Social Computing) class in 2013, and redesigned to a research project and accepted to CHI '15 Work-in-progress session. I organized a 4-member team and we collaborated on designing the study as a team. The video was created originally for Social Media Expo, iConfernece 2014, so the title is different from the CHI paper. This research project tried to identify the role of geospatial information format (image or text) and content (place or space) on people's familiarity of new places.

SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '15), ACM. Seoul, Korea
Myeong Lee
Luis Santos
Wei Zhao
Preeti Lakhole
Brian Butler