Excited to be spending time at NYU as a Visiting Scholar in Spring 2024
Special thanks to Dr. BK Lee for inviting me.
Honored for receiving a Best Reviewer Award from the ASIST 23!
Happy to be serving as part of the CSCW 2024 Organizing Committee (Panel Chair)
Happy to be serving as Associate Chair (AC) in CHI 2024!
Honored for receiving the OSCAR Undergraduate Mentoring Excellence Award
OSCAR is a university-wide office that supports for student research at Mason.
Thankful to the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD) for awarding our project that aims to understand the information ecology of disability services in Virginia!
VBPD is a State agency of Virginia that works to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
Our ASSIP 2022 project on YouTubers' collaboration network analysis made the finalists (top-5) for the Award for Best Poster at the iConference 2023.
ASSIP is a George Mason-based internship program that aims to promote high school and undergraduate students' STEM research opportunities.
Grateful for being invited to give a talk at the Information Access Summit by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. I learned a lot from the discussions!
Thankful to the NSF's HCC Program for allowing our team to work on designing the future of risk prediction IT with fire departments!
In collaboration with Arizona State University and UC Irvine
Grateful for receiving an NSF DASS grant on understanding and minimizing biases in social service provisioning systems
In collaboration with Arizona State University
Our ECIS paper on Social Justice in Boston's 311 System received the Best Full Research Paper Runner-Up (top-3)!
In Collaboration with Dr. Ping Wang, Dr. Xinlin Tang, Dr. Dan O'Brien, and Forrest Hangen
Grateful for becoming a core faculty member at GMU's Center for Advancing Human-Machine Partnership (CAHMP)
Grateful for receiving the Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews for 2 papers from CHI 2022 and 1 paper from CSCW 2022
GMU Provost awards our team a Summer Team Impact Fund for undergraduate research in Summer 2022
Collaboration with Dr. Shanshan Cui to promote undergraduate students' research activities
Grateful for being invited to give a BK21 special lecture at the Kyungbook National University iSchool
Our team is grateful for receiving a 4-VA Collaborative Research Grant to conduct a pilot study on community-level Human-AI collaboration on EBSN platforms
In collaboration with Dr. Olga Gkountouna, Dr. Ron Mahabir, and Dr. Amr Hilal
Grateful that we successfully launched the Remapping Southside Community platform as part of the Urban Renewal Impact project
Thanks to GMU and UMD students and community members from Asheville, NC, our team successfully launched the map visualization platform (collaboration w/ Ms. Priscilla Robinson, Ms. Portia Evans, and Dr. Richard Marciano)
Our CHI paper on risk perception during the COVID-19 pandemic received an Honorable Mention Award!
Consequential, a Carnegie Mellon Podcast, covers my discussion on information deserts in their recent episode: "Is Information Democratized?"
We're grateful for being awarded an NSF CIVIC Innovation Challenge Stage 1 grant!
This project is a collaboration between George Mason University, University of Maryland at College Park, and Connected DMV
Grateful to be participating in the workshop on Trust and Doubt in Public-Sector Data Infrastructures by Data & Society
Our paper on risk perception during COVID-19 is conditionally accepted to CHI 2021!
Co-authored with Dr. Katie Pine, Sam Whitman, Dr. Yunan Chen, and Dr. Kate Henne
Invited talk at the Dept. of EE at the University of Ulsan (BK21 Plus Seminar)
Invited talk at the UX Lab at the Seoul National University
Giving a talk on the value-sensitive design of a historical data platform, at the HCD seminar, GMU
On the digital curation and design of the urban renewal collection (ENGR 4201, 12/2/2019, 11 AM)
Thankful to be attending the Early Career Colloquium at iConference 2020
I am actively seeking PhD students at GMU! Details available in the link.
Grateful for successfully defending my dissertation
Glad to be attending the CSST Summer Institute 2019
Thankful to be awarded the Dean's Award for an Outstanding iSchool Doctoral Student Paper (UMD)
For my JASIST paper "How are information deserts created? A theory of local information landscapes"
Glad to be a part of the KNEXT team!
Our Information Deserts paper is featured on the UMD iSchool website and UMD Research Roundup
Grateful to be serving as Program Committee (AC) for CHI 2019 Late-Breaking Work
Thankful that our NSF proposal on 311 data + information deserts is accepted!
In collaboration with Dr. Susan Winter, Dr. Erik Johnston, Dr. Eric Gordon, and Dr. John Harlow
Our paper on information deserts is accepted to JASIST
Co-authored with Dr. Brian Butler
Grateful to be awarded a Wylie Dissertation fellowship from the Graduate School, UMD!
Successfully defended my dissertation proposal (ABD)
A theory and empirical studies of local information landscapes
Thankful for being invited to the Doctoral Colloquium at the iConference 2018, Sheffield, U.K.
Awarded a RIG-II grant from iSchool, UMD
Research Improvement Grant (Incremental) for the Human Face of Big Data project
Teaching the INST377 class as the main instructor in Fall 2017
INST377 is the Dynamic Web Applications course in the InfoSci program.
Our proposal for UN's Data for Climate Action Challenge was accepted
In collaboration with Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez and Dr. Afra Mashhadi
Our poster on identifying activity-based neighborhoods was presented at HCIL Annual Symposium
In collaboration with Dr. Grant McKenzie and Rajat Aghi
Accepted to the Data Science for Social Good summer program at Georgia Tech (Atlanta's DSSG)
Our work on poverty maps has been accepted to NetMob 17
Co-authored with R. Dottle, C. Espino, I. Subkhan, Dr. A. Rokem, and Dr. A. Mashhadi
Our paper received the Best Paper Award at ICIS 2016!
Co-authored with Dr. Ping Wang, Xu Meng, and Dr. Brian Butler
Awarded a Merit Fellowship for the Fall 2016, iSchool, UMD
Our paper about design creativity in the ecology of mobile industry has been accepted to ICIS 2016
Our proposal for the CSST 2016 Summer Institute has been accepted!
Awarded a Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship 2016, UMD
Selected for UW's Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship
Our work about characterizing urban places has been accepted to the CityLab workshop in ICWSM!
Co-authored with Dr. Rosta Farzan and Dr. Brian Butler
Presenting three posters at the iSchool Research Showcase (Hornbake Library, UMD)