Designing a Future Home Service Robot

In 2010, a team of graduate students from Philosophy, Design, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering worked together to design a home service robot of the future. We initially started with using the Taguchi method, a robust hardware design method, to list the necessary functions of the future robot. Subsequently, we had regular ideation/brainstorming sessions iteratively to come up with future robots that will operate in an automated household environment. I participated in this project as a student researcher (an EE student) and contributed to the software platform, the modular structure of robot functionalities, and business model that can support the robot ecology (e.g., "action store"). The final deliverables were a real-world mock-up design of the robot and a movie clip that shows the functionalities of the robot. 

This project was supported by Seoul National University's Brain Fusion Research Fund (PI: Dr. Jongwon Kim, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering).